VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel (Gas) "Normal+"

Artikkelnr.: VCP-GAS-V8

Drivgass til GBB med "grønngass"-styrke med litt ekstra kraft fra VORSK. Laget med en formel av propan og silkon som gir god ytelse og smøring av pakninger under bruk.

NOK189,00 Førpris:NOK269,00 Rabatt -30% inkl. mva.
På lager: 33 stk.
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Vorsk V8 Drivgass til GBB med litt mer enn "grønngass"-styrke for mer kick og følelse av rekyl.
Laget med en formel av propan og silikon som gir god ytelse og smøring av pakninger under bruk.

Vorsk V8 er laget for å kunne brukes til pistoler, smg'er og rifler og kan brukes i mer variende temperaturer.

  • Merke: VORSK (Undermerke av Nuprol)
  • Innhold: 300ml
  • Type: Normal+ (Litt kraftigere enn V6 og Nuprol 2.0.
  • Egnet Temperatur: Kan brukes i kjøligere temperaturer.
  • PSI: Ca 190psi.
  • CFC fri: Ja.

VORSK er et merke under Nuprol og er et "high end" merke laget med ytelse og kvalitet i tankene for kresne våpen og spillere. 

Orginal info fra Nuprol/VORSK:

VORSK have further developed their range of consumable airsoft products with their own range of airsoft gas.

As the team behind the fastest growing GBB Airsoft brand, the VORSK designers know a thing or two about gas airflow mechanics & performance. Born from a desire to fine-tune their replicas with their own in-house formulation for improved shot-consistency and gas efficiency, they have worked with leading Airsoft Gas manufacturers to produce their own GBB Fuel – the V6, V8 & V12.

At its heart, VORSK Gas is a propane-based mix with Silicone lubricants & treatment additives, formulated at a ratio designed to give you enhanced FPS & recoil. The silicone and further additives provide protection to the GBB platform to maintain its performance shot after shot.

Along with their range of VORSK BBs, power your replica the way it was designed with VORSK GBB Fuel.

Whats in the Bottle?

VORSK GBB FUEL has been designed to attain peak performance from VORSK GBB REPLICAS.

V6 – Standard formulation - The Go-to GBB Fuel

V8 – Enhanced Formulation - ‘BOOSTED’ GBB Fuel – increased power + performance additives

V12 – Peak Formulation - Heavy Bolt/Slide & Cold Weather Performance

The Correct Fuel for the Job

Generally bigger is better, but not always the case with airsoft gas – you need the correct formulation for the task at hand.

A key quality of Airsoft gas is its “Expansion Rate” – the rate of change to which the gas changes from a liquid to a gas and back again. This rate can vary depending on temperature, which is why players move to a more powerful gas during winter months.

This “Expansion Rate” is important for a number of reasons,

Magazine Reservoir – If the magazine reservoir is small vs the power rating of the gas, the reservoir will fill too quickly which means the user will run out of gas before they empty their magazine of bbs.

Temperature – Cold weather lowers the speed of expansion, so in colder conditions to maintain fps, users may want to upgrade from V6 to V8, or V8 to V12.


PSI ratings help customers pick the correct gas for their replica. These ratings indicate the pressure rating to which the formulation of gas is stored within its container. Weather conditions permitting, customers can expect an FPS increase of +4-8% (V8) and +10-15% (V12) when compared to V6 GBB Fuel.

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